Danny Yaroslavski

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Lightbot makes games that teach Computer Science concepts. I took the original programming game I made years ago and remade it to be education-oriented and crossplatform.


Outdo makes workout-tracking effective again. The goal was to make an app that sticks to its purpose, and that is to let you log the workouts you do, quickly. Cofounded with my girlfriend, Dalya.

Games (Apps & Web)


BloxBox is a personal favorite, a combination of Orbox and old-school sliding puzzles. Coded in HaXe/Lime and available on iOS, Android, and web.

Awarded an 80% review by UK's PocketGamer.


CubeCubeCube is a sort of 3D minesweeper where you must chisel away blocks. It is the first 3D app I've released. Created in Adobe AIR using the Away3D engine and available on Android and web.


Railbot is an action run-and-jump sidescroller. Developed using Haxe/Lime. Currently available on web.

Lightbot 2.0

Lightbot 2.0 is the sequel flash game in a series of fun programming puzzle games. Many schools (and universities!) use this game as an introduction to their programming classes.

One Step Back

One Step Back is a game which plays with a 'shadows' game mechanic and angled, wall-jumpy platformer gameplay.


A simple game made in 7 hours for the Global Game Jam (2012). I wanted to test how well the to iPhone Flash exporter worked so made it small enough to fit the screen.


Ray Tracer

C++ Raytracer, my final project for Graphics (CS488) at the University of Waterloo.

Move the Box 3D

Playing with WebGL and picking to create a 'Move the Box' 3D variant.